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Re: [tor-talk] tor-blocking sites

> I am sick of them all!
> Initially, there was a small number of these in the wild, but now it is
> widely spread

It was nice when things were not blocked as much. Keep in mind that
in the last three years or so Tor has gained significant usage among
the general public. That means more Joe/Jane jerkoffs harassing and
generally making a mess of things via Tor. Cracking and spam have
always been what they are, and are not much trouble. But being a turd
invokes helpdesks and policy and management and even LE.
Especially on social2.0 sites... facebook, twitter, dating, forums, etc.

I don't think anyone really knows their blocking models. One would
hope it is not blanket Tor. But per ticketed IP address with an expiry
period. Better yet, just nuke the offending account so as to leave
the IP's free for the good users.

Torproject could speak up here as to the general contents of
their dns exit query system logs... say, out of the 20 most popular
social, dating, resource, etc sites... we see bulk queries from
n of them.

Not sure I agree with the provision of such a service other than
it would be done anyways, so why not. And presumably any big
service would inhouse it.

You can always open a counter-ticket to unblock the IP, at least that
way you force them to include that class in their monthly desk report :)

And anyone who lives in the same city as the HQ of these
sorts of sites may wish to inquire about making a presentation
to their executive management on the matter, and on Tor itself.
Torproject maintains a media archive that could be useful in
your preparations.
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