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Re: [tor-talk] Help users in Iran reach the internet

I'm running into an issue involving obfsproxy.  I've followed the instructions provided by Jacob.  From a friend's machine at a different IP address, if I use Vidalia and point the bridge and the ORPort at 9001, it works without any issues.  However, if I point the bridge to the port setup by obfsproxy, I run into the following problem with Vidalia:

"Establishing an encrypted directory connection failed (done)."

When running Tor with the logging set to "debug" on my bridge, I've come across the following which I believe to be the culprit:

"Feb 12 13:06:36.000 [debug] tor_tls_handshake(): About to call SSL_accept on 0x7f51fda2ca80 (unknown state)
Feb 12 13:06:36.000 [info] TLS error: unexpected close while handshaking (unknown state)
Feb 12 13:06:36.000 [info] connection_tls_continue_handshake(): tls error [unexpected close]. breaking connection."

Am I missing a particular package?  Has anyone else run into this problem?

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