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[tor-talk] Adblock Plus and Ghostery should be included in Tor bundle

Ghostery should not be added to TBB, it's not Free Software. No source
code available. TBB would rely on a single company.
If all that would not be the case, and if it's safe to implement, I'd be
happy to see it in TBB.

Same goes for Adblock Plus. If it's safe, it should come preinstalled with
TBB. Ads over Tor make no sense, you can not buy those things anonymously
and ads and tracking waste Tor's and users bandwidth.

The next version of TBB really should have Do-Not-Track enabled. If all
TBB users have it activated by default, there are no fingerprinting
issues. DNT is an opinion which all Tor users express by using Tor. I see
no disadvantages by activating DNT by default.

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