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[tor-talk] shutdown latencies

I'm currently maintaining a (normal) bridge from a machine running
Vista.  I've set ShutdownWaitLength to 30 minutes in  torrc. When for
some reason I have to press "Stop Tor" and get the message "Would you
like to shut down gracefully and give clients time to find a new relay?"
along with the red onion icon, what exactly does this mean? The icon
seems to sit there forever, and I'm loath to evoke Stop Tor again if it
means killing the connection in the middle of someone's conversation. So
I'm asking, When the red onion is up does it mean that people are
actually still using my bridge, or that Vidalia's just waiting for the
shutdown timeout to run its course?

I suppose I can figure this out by some experimentation. But I'd rather
not muck about locally to get a mental picture of what's going on in the
network while someone out there is in the middle of using it.
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