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Re: [tor-talk] shutdown latencies

Thanks, this gives me someplace to start.

On 2/15/2012 1:52 PM, Justin Aplin wrote:
> On Feb 15, 2012, at 12:48 PM, eliaz wrote:
>> I've set ShutdownWaitLength to 30 minutes in  torrc.
> If this is actually set to 30 minutes, and not 30 seconds, I believe
> that's your problem

I do other things besides maintain a bridge on this machine; I've set a
half-hr timeout so that I can shut down when necessary & then restart
before the bridge goes down. I thought this would make it easier on the
network & the people using the bridge.

>> When for some reason I have to press "Stop Tor" and get the message 
>> "Would you like to shut down gracefully and give clients time to find a
>> new relay?" along with the red onion icon, what exactly does
>> this mean?
> It signals your node to stop accepting new connections, and not
> renew existing ones when they end. This allows those clients who were
> connected through your node to smoothly transition to a new node without
> interruption. At the end of the ShutdownWaitLength timeout, all
> connections are killed regardless, and the node shuts down.

I think I understand you to mean that the clients (nodes) are talking
code to each other, and the actual users don't even notice that the
bridge is gone & they're on a new path. Is this correct?

>> The icon seems to sit there forever

I exaggerated; I guess I've been too busy (aka too damned impatient) to
wait more than 30 minutes... Thanks again - eliaz
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