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Re: [tor-talk] Tor directory servers

> The script would fetch the the latest tor exit node fingerprints and loop through each one connecting to www.example.com.FINGERPRINT.exit via SOCKS5.A failed connection means the fingerprint is discarded whereas successful ones means it is added to a database of usable tor exit nodes.
> I see a descriptors list with fingerprints and exit policies. If I understand you correctly then I would have to check the exit policy section of each tor router (accept / reject / ip / port) to determine whether it's an exit node and able to satisfy my connection request.

Yes. The python tor exitlist tool will do that. As may the dns checker.

But if a simple NEWNYM is not enough, the frequency of usable nodes
may therefore be slim, and roving at such a rate as to be unusable.

And if the intent of such an enumerative search is to use the
results to do things which would be likely to get the exit blocked...
please don't.
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