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Re: [tor-talk] Scroogle is No More?

> I never met someone from the YaCy project.
> and they are reallynice people.

Yeah, I heard those yacy guys are serial killin, drug dealin,
baby rapin, church burnin, terrorists. Better not use yacy.
Johnny's mom's is really nice, she can't code for shit though.

On to more useful comparison....

From what I see in their faq... seeks is not a crawler.
It monitors your queries and results from google/bing/etc
and then p2p's those results into it's cloud for everyone's

It is also a proxy shim between your browser and
said sites. Meaning that when you use the TLS version
of those sites, your use is useless to seeks as a seed.
Further, everything is moving to TLS, so seeks will die...
Unless a TLS de/re-encapsulator proxy is made, or it turns
into a browser plugin. My vote is for the capsulator, it is
sorely needed.

Yacy is a crawler. It's results will be broader and deeper
than a crowd driven pop contest. Afaik, it handles TLS
just fine.

Both seem to be able to take site submissions from the user.

So though the pop approach has merit, I think I'd rather see
a global yacy net and trust that whatever is pop will always
show up in google/bing/etc.

My only beef with yacy is that the docs/wiki/forum/list really
should be in English to reach a broader audience.
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