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Re: [tor-talk] Scroogle is No More?

On 21/02/12 19:49, Mr Dash Four wrote:

>> A lot of sites are incredibly "broken" if javascript is disabled.  NoScript would be one example of a "privacy plugin" that would thus cause a problem if enabled for some sites.  It's why I'm curious as to what the plugin was that you were using.  I haven't been using ixquick for very long, and still don't use it regularly.  It's one I started messing with scroogle was not always accessible to me for whatever reasons.  Having browsed the site with Mozilla Firefox + Noscript (scripting disabled) + Ghostery + AdBlock Plus + HTTPS Everywhere, + Cookies disabled, in addition to browsing the site via the Tor Browser Bundle + Noscript (scripting disabled) + HTTPS Everywhere + Cookies disabaled, and never having run into the message you describe, I'm curious to reproduce it. 
> Ask yourself this - why is a search engine site so much interested in my 
> own privacy settings? And why is it that I've never had any such 
> "privacy-oriented" issues with scroogle, ever! if you are able to 
> address/answer those two, then you are in the right path.

I use startpage.com with javascript disabled, over Tor, without getting
any such warning. I have no reason to believe that you're actually
seeing that warning unless you provide some evidence.

If you're actually concerned that people shouldn't be using
startpage.com, then you will help us to reproduce the warning that
you're getting. Otherwise, I don't feel particularly compelled to change
my habits, or stop recommending startpage.com.

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