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Re: [tor-talk] TorBirdy 0.1.0 released - Our first beta release!

Nathan Freitas:
> Thanks for the update from a happy birdy user! It has been very
> useful on my recent global travels, since many of the "free" networks
> I come across actually block non-web ports. Also as the person who
> does all of the GP email support, I am happy to not broadcast my
> actual IP in mail headers.


> At one point in India, the network latency was bad enough that I had
> to disable TorBirdy because it made managing email unusable. I tried
> to sync at night and do everything offline, but couldn't quite get it
> to work. Perhaps it was more of a Thunderbird issue, but the
> sync/offline model of use seems the most appropriate as opposed to
> expecting realtime speeds.

I've experienced networks that were this terrible and perhaps worse;
what I've found is that I'd rather have Thunderbird fail closed and
safely so. Were you using IMAP?

All the best,
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