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[tor-talk] NumCPUs

If I specify 'numcpus' greater than zero, should tor bypass
all auto compute and fork or thread the given number
regardless? I tell it 2 and get 1, so somewhere I'm
missing another auto or hardware sanity check in the code
besides src/or/config.c get_num_cpus and the CPUWORKER
SMP on the box is working fine. Does this work if compiled static?

orconfig.h:#define ENABLE_THREADS 1
orconfig.h:/* #undef HAVE_PTHREAD_CREATE */
orconfig.h:#define HAVE_PTHREAD_H 1

NumCPUs num
 How many processes to use at once for decrypting onionskins and
 other parallelizable operations.

Does makeing many HS connections get parallelized?
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