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Re: [tor-talk] Email provider for privacy-minded folk

>  * Privacy-conscious (don't parse my emails to target advertisements to
> Anonymous-/encryption-type services offered by HushMail or Safe-Mail

That rules out gmail, yahoo, hotmail/live.
Few services will state they don't, and statements are no guarantee.
Privacy (OpenPGP, etc) is your responsibility, there is no trust.
There are activist mail providers out there, you will have to look for them.
They probably won't willingly shovel your data to the mine, but still.

>  * Free would be nice (I don't want to lose my email account if I lose my

The rest are just shopping items, but when you do find one, consider
sending them a donation and a note about why you chose them once
in while. Because with no ads and no selling and mining you, they need
to make their money the normal way. Try giving $5/yr to fastmail and
don't abuse them in return. Since you don't seem to have a major issue
with paying, that should work, as does their mail.
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