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[tor-talk] Email provider for privacy-minded folk

Hi tor-talk,

I'm not sure where else to ask this question so I give my apologies if this is off-topic. Please feel free to suggest a better list/forum/website.

I've had a personal email account with GMail since it was invite-only, but lately I've read a few stories about Google's use of our emails to provide better targeted advertising to its users. These stories make me uncomfortable and, continuing with my (slow) changeover from Google services and products, I would like to change.

In no particular order, what I would like from the email provider is:

* Privacy-conscious (don't parse my emails to target advertisements to users) * Reasonable storage space (I have currently have 418 emails using ~100MB in my personal GMail account) * Don't close the account if I don't log in with the web interface in {X} days
 * IMAP preferred but POP will suffice
* Free would be nice (I don't want to lose my email account if I lose my job)

Anonymous-/encryption-type services offered by HushMail or Safe-Mail aren't a priority for me; I mostly want something reliable, long-lasting, and not doing a Google on my emails.

I appreciate your advice.

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