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Re: [tor-talk] problems with TorBirdy

Hi Sukhbir ... THANKS, again.

GnuPG/OpenPGP signed & encrypted email message allows for minimum 62
or 68 wraplength, i can't recall the exact value at this moment, but
that min length would be nice to set. (That is my own choice,
obviously that will not be same as others/all).

I see that now #8318 is closed/solved, that is, Torbirdy will allow
to set user's own settings:
... Thanks.

Hope to see better Torbirdy soon.

Finally with help of another user, was able to force few settings on
TB (Thunderbird), of my own choice(s).
(I do not feel comfortable on doing those configurations manually
over & over again & again).

Warning: Do not follow below instruction, unless you are expert
enough and understand what you're doing, (Do not blame me later for
any reason .. I warned).

Had to create "local-settings.js" inside the defaults/pref folder in
TB, added one line:
"pref("general.config.filename", "mozilla.cfg");"
(without the beginning and ending double-quote symbols).
Then created "mozilla.cfg" file next to TB binary/exe file, added
previously mentioned config-settings ( i copied my choice of
config-setting lines from "prefs.js" file and set them with my own
choice of values and changed command word from "user_pref" into
"lockPref" in mozilla.cfg, it needed one top/1st line with only two
// slash symbols ).
Restarted TB (thunderbird)
... my choice of custom settings remained intact.

If there was an option in Torbirdy or on another Thunderbird addon,
to allow TB users to override few config settings after TB restarts,
(with a press of a button or status bar icon), that would have been
better, then one would not need to lock those settings, to save
oneself from doing too much repeated manual configurations.

There are some settings that a user wants or must use constantly
under one Thunderbird profile, and may be another settings under
another Thunderbird profile.

-- Bright Star.

Received from Sukhbir Singh, on 2013-02-23 5:50 PM:
> Bry8 Star:
>> I manually change "mailnews.wraplength" inside "about:config"
>> of TB (Thunderbird), from 72 to 68, but when TB is restarted it
>> goes back to 72 again ! why it is not honoring my custom
>> settings ! ?
> Yup, lots of people have asked for this and we should allow users
> to set their own custom length and not enforce the 72 character
> limit.
> I have opened a ticket for this: #8318.
>> I manually change "mailnews.reply_header_authorwrote" inside 
>> "about:config" of TB (Thunderbird), from "%s" into "Received
>> from %s", but when TB is restarted it goes back to "%s" again !
>> why it is not honoring my custom settings ! ?
>> i manually change the "mailnews.reply_header_type", from value
>> "1" into "3", but it goes back to "1" when TB restarts !
> Yes, this is enforced. See:
> https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-talk/2012-May/024380.html
>> In "OpenPGP" menu bar option in TB > Preferences > Advanced > 
>> Additional parameters for GnuPG : i change this value from : 
>> "--no-emit-version --no-comments --throw-keyids
>> --display-charset utf-8 --keyserver-options 
>> no-auto-key-retrieve,no-try-dns-srv,http-proxy=
>> --keyserver hkp://2eghzlv2wwcq7u7y.onion"
>> And when Thunderbird is restarted, its gone back to http-proxy
>> port 8118 ! why ? why it does not allow me to use my own custom
>> settings ! ?
> Like we discussed before in tor-dev, this is related to: #2846,
> #7068, where we are just fail-closing Enigmail. At this stage, I
> am not sure whether we are going to support custom settings for
> this as we have plans to ship our own HTTP proxy or shim, so for
> now, I suggest you just change the port on which your HTTP proxy
> listens to 8118, which is TorBirdy's default.
>> TorBirdy need to have a BUTTON, may be something close to
>> "RESET", that will reset back all custom settings to default
>> (Anonymity friendly settings).
>> But, TorBirdy should not automatically override a user's
>> custom settings.
> The design approach is that we enforce the settings we think the
> user should not be changing. We have gradually allowed many
> settings to be changed (like the `mailnews.wraplength' above) but
> I don't think we will allow changing of all the security settings
> that we are configuring. As bad as it seems, we think it is a
> good approach as one badly configured setting might render the
> entire point of TorBirdy useless.
>> And TorBirdy need to create a log file, showing what
>> config-options it has set/changed and time, of change so that
>> TB user can find/use his/her previous important
>> changes/settings if need arises.
> That's a good idea and we are working on this so that the
> operation is more transparent. We have started updating the
> docs.
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