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Re: [tor-talk] problems with TorBirdy

I am posting few issues :
(i know it would have been better to post in bug-report websites,
but i would prolly need to submit multiple bug/reports, anyway,
anyone is welcome to post on bug-reports in whichever way they may
find it fit or not).


After installing TorBirdy in Thunderbird Portable (windows) edition,
i installed GPG Portable edition for Thunderbird Portable, i then
install Engmail addon in Thunderbird Portable.

ISSUE set 01:

I manually change "mailnews.wraplength" inside "about:config" of TB
(Thunderbird), from 72 to 68, but when TB is restarted it goes back
to 72 again ! why it is not honoring my custom settings ! ?

I manually change "mailnews.reply_header_authorwrote" inside
"about:config" of TB (Thunderbird), from "%s" into "Received from
%s", but when TB is restarted it goes back to "%s" again ! why it is
not honoring my custom settings ! ?

I manually change "mailnews.reply_header_authorwrote" inside
"about:config" of TB (Thunderbird), from "%s" into "Received from
%s", but when TB is restarted it goes back to "%s" again ! why it is
not honoring my custom settings ! ?

i manually change the "mailnews.reply_header_type", from value "1"
into "3", but it goes back to "1" when TB restarts !

ISSUE set 02:

In "OpenPGP" menu bar option in TB > Preferences > Advanced >
Additional parameters for GnuPG :
i change this value from :
"--no-emit-version --no-comments --throw-keyids --display-charset
utf-8 --keyserver-options
--keyserver hkp://2eghzlv2wwcq7u7y.onion"

i change above into:

"--no-emit-version --no-comments --throw-keyids --display-charset
utf-8 --keyserver-options
no-auto-key-retrieve,no-try-dns-srv,http-proxy= --keyserver

(i do not use those double-quotes symbols, just for showing here as
a string)

And when Thunderbird is restarted, its gone back to http-proxy port
8118 ! why ?
why it does not allow me to use my own custom settings ! ?


Polipo's config file that is in wiki site of TorProject.org, using
that. Those enables polipo HTTP-Proxy (kept polipo.exe inside
E:\Bry8Star\TBB-01\Tor Browser\App\Polipo\ folder) to use DNS on Tor
exit-node via going through Tor-tunnel and avoid using local DNS. I
have configured Polipo to use for example the port 18050. And my
local Firewall is also configured for the "GPGKEYS_HKP.exe" or the
"GPGKEYS_CURL.exe" binary (which are inside
E:\Bry8Star\ThunderbirdPortable\App\GPG\ folder) to dis-allow/block
using all/any type of DNS connections.
(because, my last test few months back, showed GPGKEYS_HKP/CURL.exe
leaks DNS; that is; those two binary software/file tries to use
local DNS resolver, which they should not; they should only connect
to the HTTP-Proxy (in my case its, polipo) via TCP on port 18050,
and that is more than suffice for those to function properly. And,
not sure about most recent version though if that leaks as well or not).

I'm using TBB based Tor (on Windows XP/7). I've configured "torrc"
config file to use a different fixed port, for the sake of this
email post, lets say i use port 19050 as an example, (other than the
default TBB Tor Socks5 proxy port 9050). And then i also configure
Vidalia to use a fix/custom Control port, for example, i use 19051.
I have also configured Vidalia to start polipo like this:
Under the "Start a proxy app..." option i've specified
".\App\Polipo\polipo.exe" (without the double-quote symbols), and
under the "Proxy App Arguments" option i've specified
" -c .\Data\Polipo\18050-to-19050.conf" (without the double-quote

(i have also done (or i usually do) few more changes so that TBB
only starts vidalia+tor+polipo (without tbb-firefox.exe). Then i
start FirefoxPortable (tbb-firefox) inside the "TBB-01\Tor browser"
folder, and ThunderbirdPortable ... separately, using simple
script-file. No need to post configs related to those here now).


TorBirdy need to have a BUTTON, may be something close to "RESET",
that will reset back all custom settings to default (Anonymity
friendly settings).

But, TorBirdy should not automatically override a user's custom

And TorBirdy need to create a log file, showing what config-options
it has set/changed and time, of change so that TB user can find/use
his/her previous important changes/settings if need arises.

-- Bright Star.

Received from Jacob Appelbaum, on 2013-02-23 7:30 AM:
> JerryR:
>> Hi,
>> I know this is a list for Tor-related issues, but I hope to get
>> a answer for a problem with TorBirdy@Thunderbird and the last
>> update for the TorBrowser. Well, it doesn't work - the torrc
>> now uses the "SocksPort 9150", I changed the TH to the
>> configuration recommended in
>> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/TorifyHOWTO/EMail/Thunderbird
> Yeah...
> I'm sorry that TorBirdy wasn't ready for the change to 9150. It
> was a bit of a surprise, actually. By dropping the Vidalia
> bundle, we really put people in a tough space - users either need
> a system tor (```apt-get install tor```) or they'll have to have
> the TBB.
>> And used this port - instead of the 9050 - and it worked. I
>> know it's a poor solution, and I was wondering if it can be
>> fixed at the ConfigEditor of the TH - an update on TorBirdy
>> could be great thou, but I think the fix @TH can do the trick.
> It is indeed a poor solution but it is actually the best of all
> the bad solutions without a system tor managed by a package
> manager.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Jerry
>> PS: I also tried to change the value of the socks port in the
>> TH config - from 9050 to 9150 - with no results.
> This creates an interesting problem - basically everyone with a
> system Tor would be out of luck because of an arbitrary TBB
> configuration value. Is that really the right direction? I think
> that tor in TBB shouldn't be used as a system wide tor - others
> might think otherwise.
> All the best,
> Jacob
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