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Re: [tor-talk] Email provider for privacy-minded folk

Hi tor-talk,

Thanks for the information about email providers.

Obviously, I currently use Lavabit but this email, and activity it's used with, is kept separate from my "real life". My "real life" email has been on GMail for a long time, which is what needs to change. Two things I really like about Lavabit: that they've published their infrastructure setup, and the simplicity of signing up. Two things I don't like about Lavabit: location is in USA (I may have missed more location details, though), and the email sender's IP is in the headers. Because of the latter, I'm not convinced to use them as my personal email provider just yet.

I really like everything I read about Autistici. I applied for an email account but regardless if they approve of me/my reasons, I'm happy to donate to support them. Those guys have a great message.

I'll check out the providers mentioned and report back on my experiences in case anyone's interested.


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