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Re: [tor-talk] GeoIP A1 classification

>> least cause them to distribute a version of their datasets
>> that retain the original locations.
> I asked their (first-level) support a few months ago, and they said
> they're considering providing data sets without A1 codes some time this
> year.

Any wiki'ers on the list want to wiki things like this with campaign and
followup tasks? If you can write your congress/mp from a task list, why
not your favorite Tor unfriendly website, etc.

> https://gitweb.torproject.org/tor.git/blob/HEAD:/src/config/deanonymind.py
> https://gitweb.torproject.org/onionoo.git/blob/HEAD:/geoip/deanonymind.py

Sure, those are fixes for Tor et al's use. I was more addressing the
"proxies bad, let's put them in an A1" issue that affects everyone

Some of the manual substitutions could be take from the descriptors,
if people didn't enter silly/inaccurate CC codes in them.

> If I could spend more time on this topic, I wouldn't want to visit
> MaxMind headquarters

I meant to say that there are at least two major IP location companies,
and a few others. Just say hi at the next geolocation conference ;)

I do suggest presenting at the next NANOG conference. That would
cover a lot of the network space, make introductions, etc.

> but I'd want to further extend Jake's blockfinder
> and come up with our own free GeoIP database:
> https://github.com/ioerror/blockfinder

Years ago I thought there were some crowdsourced IP location
projects. While not being commercial where ISP's would
perhaps be more inclined to input their provisioning tables, they
covered userland's knowledge and self-submittals pretty good.
These projects have to still exist?
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