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Re: [tor-talk] GeoIP A1 classification

On 2/11/13 7:33 PM, grarpamp wrote:
> It's my understanding they are segregating Tor and other
> proxies under a non-ISO country, city, etc code. Besides not
> being technically what GeoIP is supposed to do for locating
> and breaking all of that context, it's showing arbitrary
> 'anti-spam/badness' mindset.
> Perhaps GeoIP/Maxmind/etc are folks that would benefit
> from a torproject visit to restore goodness mindset. Or at
> least cause them to distribute a version of their datasets
> that retain the original locations.

I asked their (first-level) support a few months ago, and they said
they're considering providing data sets without A1 codes some time this
year.  Not holding my breath.  But I think, for the moment, we have
reasonable fixes for both country and city databases:



If I could spend more time on this topic, I wouldn't want to visit
MaxMind headquarters, but I'd want to further extend Jake's blockfinder
and come up with our own free GeoIP database:



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