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Re: [tor-talk] Email provider for privacy-minded folk

On 2/11/2013 9:51 PM, Griffin Boyce wrote:
There are some good ones out there, but if you're using Tor to create the
account and login, you should know that many have started blocking Tor
users (or deactivating their accounts in the case of Yahoo). Size could
also be an issue, but if you're deleting them off the server on download,
then that problem goes away.

FWIW, I logged into my Tor Yahoo email acct using TBB. I got in fairly easily, but it didn't like the 1st captcha, even though it was easily read. It gave another easy one & after entering, it said "you're logging in from a computer we don't recognize." (duh). So it asked me a security question. Then it let me in - in German language. So, I guess the exit relay was in Germany. But, they had an American flag icon. So, they haven't deactivated my acct, yet.

It's entirely possible if you don't log in the time period before they inactivate an acct (I have gotten a regular, inactive acct re activated on Yahoo), they might not reactivate it, if they know you're using Tor.

Even if I wasn't using Tor or a German IP address, how do they know if your a traveling sales person? I guess that's good security effort on their part, but a poorly worded, canned reason to ask for the security question.

Yahoo.de front page seemed a little racier than U.S. My Deutch is a bit rusty, but the picture was a young woman (clothed) laying on a young man. Forgot the actual caption - something about, "mädchen küssen und schleifen junge." No clue.
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