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Re: [tor-talk] Email provider for privacy-minded folk

Hi guys & girls,

I'm the person behind /the_simple_computer/, nice to see the site making
the rounds here.

To address a few concerns some people brought up, Autistici took 2 days
to approve my account. I sent them some questions after the account was
made and the replies were always in my inbox the next morning. At the
time I had the account, there were 5 aliases you could make from the
single email address you signed up for. You also have the choice of a
bunch of different domains if you didn't like @autistici.org.

The best thing to do with Riseup is just go for it. If they don't
approve you...meh, not much you can do at that point and there are
alternatives. Give it a shot if you think it's your best choice. I would
try to steer clear of mentioning politics though, and pitch your request
from the privacy standpoint. Just my $0.02.

The biggest points I try to make to the people who ask me about email
addresses are 1. Find something that doesn't show your ip address in the
mail headers. 2. Stay away of targeted advertising, (though browser
cookies can blur that 'targeted' definition now) and 3. Autistici and
Riseup are two companies worth donating to, imo but especially if you're
using their service.

If anyone spots any errors in the email article or something that
doesn't align with their observations (grammar nazis also welcome), let
me know and I'll look into it asap. If anyone knows any services which
aren't listed but should be, please share here. I'm sure there are some
I've missed.



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