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Re: [tor-talk] Email provider for privacy-minded folk

k e bera wrote:

Hoping to be helpful, i transcribed that PDF to the tor wiki:

Thanks for transcribing that!

I realize you are only the transcriber, but if I understand the table
correctly I see some errors/ambiguities for Hushmail.  Note that I have
a free acct. and so have no personal knowledge of their paid accounts.

-- My understanding of that table is that Hushmail can only receive
email.  That is not true.  It is perfectly possible to use Hushmail as a
normal email acct. (receive *and* send*) via their web interface. I do
not know if SMTP is available on a paid acct.

-- IMAP and POP3 are only available for paid accts.  Hushmail's business
model is selling email accts and they impose quite a number of
restrictions on the free accts. to persuade you to pay.  This includes
requiring you to log in at least every 3 weeks to keep the account

-- This was left blank in the table but I am pretty sure that Hushmail
provides aliases with its paid accts.

-- this was also left blank in the table but according to a reply from
Hushmail to a question of mine, messages between Hushmail users which
are marked for encryption are stored on the server encrypted.  Emails
with non-Hushmail users that are sent/received as plain text are stored as plain text.



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