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[tor-talk] Scarp may be wrong about Tor Mail

From Scarp:

"I think Mysterous Flyer is either an idiot or a troll, the fact that
he accuses Google of changing his password, and Tormail, and isn't
even sure whether he forgot his password or not is laughable."

From Me:

You apparently did not read the Mysterious Flyer's entire comment thread.  I think the MF seems very bright (and good-looking too, just based on his comments).  You, scarp, also have a Tor Mail account, so perhaps you are defensive about it.  MF never accused Google of changing his password.  MF had a hater/harrasser who worked at Google, as verified by their IP address.  MF is wondering if the Tor Mail account was the vector through which the Tor-Mail-Created Yahoo account got compromised.  Tor Mail is listed by the Tor Project as a baddie, not a goodie.

MF was also wondering if the hater was the person running around hacking everything.  However, since Tor Mail has now been identified as a general culprit, the hater just moved down on the list of possibilities, while Tor Mail just moved up.  The hater would have to be a very GOOD and dedicated hacker to have done all that.  I think I would like to be friends with the MF.

So there, scarp.  
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