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Re: [tor-talk] TorBirdy: two Thunderbirds at the same time

> Guys,
> Has anyone tested if there are unintended side effects from running
> multiple Thunderbird instances at the same time? I have a regular mail
> which I would move over Tor soon. I also have some accounts that HAVE to
> be over Tor all the time as they were carefuly created and used.
> So far I have one PortableApps Thunderbird. Than 2nd Thunderbird as it
> keeps a clean profile and storage without a second binary install. The
> first one is the regular one. The second has only TorBirdy as addon. I
> would run them both with -no-remote, but wouldn't that leak?
> Also, if I move the first instance over Tor, do I need a second Vidalia
> running or I can reuse the same session?

I've had no problems running the same binary with different profiles,
one with TorBirdy and one without. I haven't been able to observe any
leaks. I use Linux and run Thunderbird something like:

/path/to/thunderbird -profile /path/to/profile/

Unlike Firefox, --no-remote doesn't seem to be needed under Thunderbird.
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