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Re: [tor-talk] Debian bureaucracy [was: Tails Mac support [Was: Training Journalists in Istanbul]]

> 1) Tor Browser
> It can't make it's way into Debian due to "no code duplication policy".
> I couldn't agree less. This "no code duplication" may have been useful
> when when disk space was expensive 20 years ago or so. By blocking this
> due to politics, they increasing workload in a lot projects based on
> Debian. (#1 Tails specific Tor Browser patches, #2 Whonix Tor Browser
> download, #3 torbrowser-launcher)

Sorry but getting Torbrowser in Debian is currently not blocked by
politics but simply by lack of work.

For those interested in details: Mike Hommey and the security team
agreed to ship an iceweasel-src package built from Iceweasel source that
could be used to maintain forks of Iceweasel in Debian in compliance
with the "no code duplication" policy. What is actually missing is work
to get a properly co-installable and upgradable version of a system-wide
Torbrowser. This simply requires technical work, no politics involved.

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