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Re: [tor-talk] Debian bureaucracy [was: Tails Mac support [Was: Training Journalists in Istanbul]]

Jérémy Bobbio:
> adrelanos:
>> 1) Tor Browser
>> It can't make it's way into Debian due to "no code duplication policy".
>> I couldn't agree less. This "no code duplication" may have been useful
>> when when disk space was expensive 20 years ago or so. By blocking this
>> due to politics, they increasing workload in a lot projects based on
>> Debian. (#1 Tails specific Tor Browser patches, #2 Whonix Tor Browser
>> download, #3 torbrowser-launcher)
> Sorry but getting Torbrowser in Debian is currently not blocked by
> politics but simply by lack of work.
> For those interested in details: Mike Hommey and the security team
> agreed to ship an iceweasel-src package built from Iceweasel source that
> could be used to maintain forks of Iceweasel in Debian in compliance
> with the "no code duplication" policy. What is actually missing is work
> to get a properly co-installable and upgradable version of a system-wide
> Torbrowser. This simply requires technical work, no politics involved.

There are people willing to do work (#3 torbrowser-launcher is currently
being worked on), but what you are suggesting is what I call policy.
It's either too complicated or too time consuming for mortals to do.
That's why no one showed up.

As a pragmatical solution, The Tor Project provides working binaries.
They could simply be packaged and added to the repository - but, that
won't be accepted? -> That's my point.
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