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Re: [tor-talk] Debian bureaucracy

> JÃrÃmy Bobbio <lunar@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > For those interested in details: Mike Hommey and the security team
> > agreed to ship an iceweasel-src package built from Iceweasel source that
> > could be used to maintain forks of Iceweasel in Debian in compliance
> > with the "no code duplication" policy. What is actually missing is work
> > to get a properly co-installable and upgradable version of a system-wide
> > Torbrowser. This simply requires technical work, no politics involved.
> Is it possible to point easily to the work required (bugs, wiki)? I
> have seen this "iceweasel-src" solution mentioned before, but it's not
> clear to me what this entails. I would love to see "apt-get install
> tor-browser" or similar work...perhaps I may contribute here.

See the description of #3994 for a first set of issues
(co-installability, need for dedicated profiles and specific extension

Once those problems are solved, the specifics of Debian packaging
becomes pretty trivial.

Some of the work required might have already been done by Jamie Nguyen
for the Fedora package. See

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