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Re: [tor-talk] please re-consider Tor Trademark policy

> Since very few people shared my opinion

Not so few people share your opinion, Adrelanos :)
I think that too much care about the user is underestimating the user.
Any adequate user at first MUST NOT to trust any of the software,
including Tor.
The user must decide how to use this software on the basis of the source
code examination and own tests, but not on public recommendations signed
by me or you or Tor Core or by God, otherwise he will ever have a problem
with security.

> It's sad, that a project encouraging free speech has a restrictive
trademark policy.

This is the first thing that many people feel who are faced with this.
It would be a true loyal to nonprofit projects with open source, the
quality of which the user is able to assess their own without intrusive
advice of expert's.
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