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Re: [tor-talk] Debian bureaucracy [was: Tails Mac support [Was: Training Journalists in Istanbul]]

I tend to think of the Debian code copies policy as encouraging
collaboration, cooperation, peer review, a culture of participation
and the spirit of free software amongst the upstream developers of
software available in Debian.

As to getting Tor Browser into Debian, this has been wanted for years,
I remember talking about this at DebConf11 with folks. There we
discussed including the Tor Browser patches in the iceweasel package
in Debian and building both the tor-browser and iceweasel packages
from that (one patched, one not). I think this is a viable option if
Tor folks are able to keep up with new releases of Firefox, which
seems to be the case. This approach was also taken to get the Linux RT
patches into Debian and involves temporarily dropping packages when
the patches don't apply.
As to getting Tor Browser patches into Firefox, I think a first step
towards a way forward would be some face-to-face discussions between
Tor and Mozilla developers at one of Mozilla developer events and or
at other events like DebConf13. Reduced latency would help here I




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