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Re: [tor-talk] Tor-Talk now a social site?

Yes, Joe.. I tend to think your suspicion that you might be off base is
well founded.

Scrolling back, I see the vast majority of posts to this maillist are
tor techy related. Given that, the suggestion of renaming it as some
sore of social group is absurd as that obviously would not reflect on
the majority of the content here. Not that we would want to be
anti-social anyway.

I assume your 'off base' comment was inspired by the *FOSDEM Meet-up*
thread. I note it started with an acknowledgement that "*there are
apparently some Tor operators on FOSDEM*". Obviously the point was some
tor users could get together and share some experiences etc. To me, that
seems totally related to "Tor-Talk".

Tor project has at least 6 maillists, and even so focused, I would
assume not everyone on any particular list would be interested in each
and every topic posted to said list. If one is not to your liking, feel
free to select it and click [Ignore Thread]. Works for me.

On 2/1/2014 10:30 AM, Joe Btfsplk wrote:
> Should Tor-talk change names to something like Torbook.com or
> Tor-match.com?
> Tor-talk possibly ? should not be used to plan dinner dates & such,
> that has NOTHING to do w/ Tor, anonymity, privacy, computer safety,
> internet news & practices nor even tongue in cheek comments
> specifically ABOUT those things.
> Maybe I'm off base.  I wasn't aware Tor-talk was a chat room or social
> gathering site.  Most people already get enough spam or mail that
> doesn't interest them in the least.

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