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[tor-talk] YouTube Unscripted

Hi Everyone,

As you know, when you use the Tor Browser Bundle, it's safest to
disable JavaScript using the NoScript extension. Unfortunately,
YouTube requires the use of JavaScript to watch videos. So I wrote a
fairly simple GreaseMonkey user script that lets you watch videos as
normal, with YouTube's JavaScript disabled.

The code is here, with links for installing GreaseMonkey and the script:

This is an early version. For some reason, the HTML5 video element's
play button doesn't work sometimes, but you can press "space" to pause
the video.

I think it might be useful to develop an "Unscripted" plugin that lets
us visit various useful but JavaScript-heavy websites, without running
their scripts. I'm interested to hear your feedback, and if you think
I'm on the right track.

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