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Re: [tor-talk] Shutting down the relay-search service by the end of the year

> Couple more open questions:

Forgot the most important one:

How should I handle different graph periods?
The current globe uses a html select and lets the user choose a period
interval that is used when plotting the graphs.
This isn't possible because we don't have JavaScript on the client.

One approach would be displaying the graphs below eachother (like atlas
The disadvantage is that with the current svg generation the server has
to start multiple requests to onionoo for each graph. (I could change
the implementation to store/share the graph request result)

Another approach would be to merge all periods into one graph. This
removes the need to select a period because the user has the best
resolution for each period. (we should increase the graph dimension in
this case)

What do you think?


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