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Re: [tor-talk] Shutting down the relay-search service by the end of the year

On 23.01.2014 23:11, Christian wrote:
> On 23.01.2014 10:58, Karsten Loesing wrote:
>> Christian,
>> did you make any progress on the Globe variant that doesn't
>> require client-side JavaScript anymore?
>> Thanks! Karsten
> Hi,
> in the last 2 weeks I didn't had much freetime to work on it.
> Today I fixed the svg rendering of relay weight/bandwidth graphs.
> Main features that are missing as of now:
> - bridge graphs
> - advanced search
> - some css changes

I closed all the issues I mentioned earlier.
So far all features of the clientside version are working in the node
implementation. (except interactive graphs)

I deployed a version on https://globe-node.herokuapp.com/ . Feel free to
check it out and give me some feedback.

Couple more open questions:

- should I implement a caching mechanism for detail documents (similar
to the current clientside mechanism)?

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