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[tor-talk] German Laywer Sasse & Partner call to order / German Abmahnung

Dear Tor Community,

I have newly subscribed to this Mailinglist cause I have been running a Tor
Exit Node in Germany. End of December 2013 I got an "Abmahnung" from a lawyer
"Sasse & Partner from Hamburg Germany" they called me to make a film public
called "Expandables 2 - Backk for War" they
imply me to share this in Torrent Netwrok with BitComet 1.36. I never used
this Bittorrent Client even  Bittorrent itself! I know that I blocked
Bittorrent by my IPTables firewall, but their might be traffic from the
bittorrent Network passed thorugh my Tor Exit Gate.

The Company Guardaley Ltd. gathered the Data and my IP-Address and the
County Court of Cologne Germany gave them my Addresse and Personal

I do not know how they get my IP-Address and I doubt that they read the
traffic from my IP-Address accuratly, cause Bittorrent Clients publish
their own IP-Address in the Bittorrent Protocoll, that is unequal the
IP-Address where the traffic may be come from.

I need arguments for the Answer to the Laywer and need some support from
the Tor Community. Cause I am and feel not guilty! I haven't done something
wrong in my view, but I am the owner of my Internet Accesspoint and in
Germany I am personally responsible for any abuses which causes from my
Internet Access!

I do not have an Open Wifi! I have WPA2 Encryption only with a 32 Character

You can write me in German as you whish!

I would be very thankful if someone could give me a good word :)

You do me a big favour thanks in advance!
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