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Re: [tor-talk] Security in Tor Browser related to Firefox ESR

On 02/12/2014 02:30 AM, Soul Plane wrote:
> Ok thanks. I checked the blog today and saw that 3.5.2 was released. I
> didn't get any announcement. Why not announce the releases through
> tor-announce? I'm subscribed to that but I didn't get any notice. Is there
> a list or RSS feed where just releases are announced? I don't want a lot of
> emails. I don't plan to stay subscribed to tor-talk (there are lots of
> things that just don't concern me) but for now I am and I didn't get a
> notice of the new release on this list either.

+1 for using tor-announce to announce TBB releases.

At the moment what you can do is parse
https://check.torproject.org/RecommendedTBBVersions . This could be
turned into a very simple RSS feed. The document is used by the TBB
update notifier, among others, so it should stay around (and updated)
for a while.

Moritz Bartl
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