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Re: [tor-talk] Ostel and WebRTC over Tor?

Lunar wrote:
> Using Mumble over Tor worked out on the few occasions I've tried it.
> So sadly, this is a misconception.
> My latest attempt to manually configure a recent Firefox to go through
> Tor and use the WebRTC on <https://freephonebox.net/> failed. I had a
> firewall denying all connections not routed through Tor.

  Mumble's pretty cool, but I've yet to try it over Tor.  I'm enamored
with the idea of running a WebRTC video app as a TBB extension/plugin,
with a TURN server run on its own domain or as a hidden service.
Implementation would be tricky.  Deploying a standard TURN server and
WebRTC app on a domain and *then* testing it for stability when run
under Tor would be Step Zero for determining feasibility.  But if
someone's tried a chat either as a user or dev, that would be pretty

  Bummer about freephonebox, though not totally unexpected.  This is a
really difficult problem.[1]

Jacob Appelbaum wrote:
> Does anyone actually have the ability to use Skype over Tor since the
> M$ acquisition? Has anyone done it lately?

  People have done it as of late October.  My theory is that they're
exiting through nodes that aren't in the MS blacklist yet.  Who knows
how frequently it's updated (every x months, x>1?).

  Three years ago, the answer would have been "way too many."  People
want a human connection, and Skype makes it easy. (Then they sell your
data, invade your privacy, sell out to the censorship regime...).

  Not a fan of Skype =/  But there need to be more options to nudge
people towards.  If it's a thing that doesn't need to be (separately?)
installed, then much of the work is done for us.


[1] We also hold meetings via Google Hangouts at work, and I'm trying to
find something stable/awesome enough to convince people to switch. Hey,
never said I wasn't selfish! ;-)
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