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Re: [tor-talk] Ostel and WebRTC over Tor?

Griffin Boyce:
>   So I've been fiddling around with Ostel and various webrtc bits for a
> while now.  Curious: has anyone tried Ostel or any webrtc
> implementations over Tor?  If so, what were your findings?  The official
> word on Ostel is that it can't reliably run over Tor due to the latency
> involved.

Using Mumble over Tor worked out on the few occasions I've tried it.
So sadly, this is a misconception.

My latest attempt to manually configure a recent Firefox to go through
Tor and use the WebRTC on <https://freephonebox.net/> failed. I had a
firewall denying all connections not routed through Tor.

I have also not been able to make Jitsi (2.4) work in the same setup.

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