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Re: [tor-talk] Ostel and WebRTC over Tor?

Interesting - and a slight tangent - who uses Skype over Tor? As far
as I can tell - Skype blocks the entire Tor network. I have a
transparent wireless network that routes through Tor at my house for
guests. When one of those guests uses Skype, they're able to login to
the network but they cannot use Skype for *anything* related to

Does anyone actually have the ability to use Skype over Tor since the
M$ acquisition? Has anyone done it lately?

All the best,

(Skype is PRISM/SIGINT enabled non-free malware - please don't
actually use it for anything!)

On 2/12/14, Lunar <lunar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Griffin Boyce:
>>   So I've been fiddling around with Ostel and various webrtc bits for a
>> while now.  Curious: has anyone tried Ostel or any webrtc
>> implementations over Tor?  If so, what were your findings?  The official
>> word on Ostel is that it can't reliably run over Tor due to the latency
>> involved.
> Using Mumble over Tor worked out on the few occasions I've tried it.
> So sadly, this is a misconception.
> My latest attempt to manually configure a recent Firefox to go through
> Tor and use the WebRTC on <https://freephonebox.net/> failed. I had a
> firewall denying all connections not routed through Tor.
> I have also not been able to make Jitsi (2.4) work in the same setup.
> --
> Lunar                                             <lunar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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