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Re: [tor-talk] Pissed off about Blacklists, and what to do?

As others have pointed out, the fact (?) that Tor users are no more likely
to abuse may not matter as much as the *perception* that they are.  However
unfairly, the perception of something often carries the day more than the
facts, and should be addressed when possible.

At the risk of sounding self-promotional again:  I've touted using CGIProxy
as a clientless front-end to the Tor network, but what if, as one technical
solution here, someone used Tor to access a server running CGIProxy in
order to access sites that blacklist Tor?  In other words, switch the order
from what I suggested before.  It seems that this would get the anonymity
protection of Tor, but would not be blacklisted as long as the destination
server didn't blacklist the CGIProxy server.

Does anyone see any risks in that?  (Again, CGIProxy definitely relies on a
trust relationship between the user and the owner of the CGIProxy instance.)

Note that Hulu doesn't currently work through CGIProxy, but I can
prioritize fixing that if there's demand.

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