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[tor-talk] helping write Tor user stories

Hello from the Tor dev meeting. I'm working on trying to help come up
with some better narrative around the types of features, functions and
actions a user of Tor-based software might want. The goal is to get
beyond "anonymity" or "better privacy" as an answer to what Tor does.

This will also help shape feature decisions in apps like Tor Browser and
Orbot, as well as influence long range roadmap type thinking and discussion.

If you have a Tor trac account, please contribute the log of user
stories here:

or just reply to this email with some of your own, that I can add.

A few examples....


A blogger in Uganda wants to document and publish local personal stories
related to the fight against anti-homosexuality legislation, but is
worried about being persecuted, or having the subjects of their posts

A journalists wants to communicate with a source using a chat/instant
messaging on a web or mobile device without exposing that they are
talking to the source, or having anyone log that they were talking.

A student at a high school is searching for information on this history
of abortion law for a paper, but the schools internet filters block all
access based on the keyword "abortion".

A researcher faces opportunistic and targeted attacks from compromised
upstream service provider when using plain-text or privacy compromising

A parent faces intermittent local WiFi active threats
(DNSspoof,SSLstrip,*MitM,...) in the community. Children's older devices
especially vulnerable.


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