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Re: [tor-talk] helping write Tor user stories

Nathan Freitas wrote:
> Hello from the Tor dev meeting. I'm working on trying to help come up
> with some better narrative around the types of features, functions and
> actions a user of Tor-based software might want. The goal is to get
> beyond "anonymity" or "better privacy" as an answer to what Tor does.

User scenarios that I've encountered frequently have to do with medical
privacy, but everyone's got a different perspective.

A person living with HIV wants to keep their medical history private
while using their office's (monitored) internet connection, as they fear
that disclosure will negatively impact their career. 

Someone wants to blow the whistle on an unfair business practice or
unsafe working conditions, but doesn't want to reveal their location.

People in abusive relationships whose internet use/history is closely
monitored benefit a lot from TAILS. (There is a lot of off-the-shelf
keylogging/monitoring software that poses a serious risk to people in
these circumstances).  Using TAILS can allow them to seek help, plan
their exit, and keep them safe from retribution.

Religious minorities who live in areas that are unfriendly to those with
their beliefs need a way to learn more about and express their faith. 
This can be everything from atheists in Oklahoma to Orthodox Christians
in Iran.

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