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Re: [tor-talk] How to update the consensus in client as soon as the configuration of relay nodes changed

On 24/02/14 10:54, Aiminyoung wrote:
> I've found some new settings from Chutney torrc template,
> TestingServerDownloadSchedule and TestingClientDownloadSchedule.
> Then I upgrade my tor to since the new settings are available in
> 0.2.5.x and gave small values to the settings, but no help.
> So I went back to source code and found that in directory.c the directory
> request parameter "if_modified_since" came from "valid_after" plus a
> constant 180. Though I'm not sure about the reason this number written in
> numeric instead of a constant definition, I removed it and now the
> consensus file in client can be updated in a period of
> TestingClientDownloadSchedule!

Hmm, the 180 seconds indeed look wrong for test networks.

I created a ticket for this possible issue here:


Do you mind adding more details what changes you made to the code
(ideally by attaching a diff) and what configurations you used?  Thanks!

All the best,

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