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Re: [tor-talk] ISP CenturyLink Blocking Tor?

> I have been at a close friend's house recently and his provider is  
> CenturyLink (at home I use TimeWarner Cable). I tried to download
> Tor Tails (over BitTorrent) and the Internet literally dropped so I
> closed BitTorrrent, afterwards I launched the Tor Browser Bundle and
> then my computer was disconnected from the router and couldn't
> reconnect and no one at the house could access the Internet, we had
> to reboot the router to fix the issue. I then enabled Pluggable
> Transports (meet-google or something like that) and now I'm able to
> connect to Tor without any issues. This really concerns me as I was
> able to repeat the crash by launching Tor Browser Bundle and crash
> the router again.

It sounds like they are cracking down on anonymity. I advise you to get
out now because it will only get much, much worse[1].

It would be really interesting if you could ask your friend to describe
the details regarding his Internet connection. What type is it
(fiber/adsl/cable), what kind of router is he using and does this also
happen if he uses another compatible third-party modem/router? And if
he is willing to experiment then it would be great if he could figure
out more details on exactly how they are doing this. 

This does sound like some kind of traffic analysis which just breaks it
if it matches Tor? On a happy note, I am glad to hear that pluggable
transports work and allow people in suppressive fascist regimes like
the US to use Tor.


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