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Re: [tor-talk] Russia to ban Tor (?)

On Sun, Feb 15, 2015 at 12:55:40AM +0000, W. Greenhouse wrote:
> Oops, I meant 5 February--it's even right there in the url. :-P
> According to this article, the part of this bill that might be
> overreach is that Russian business is heavily VPN- and
> proxy-dependent. A regulation trying to impose ID requirements on
> users of public wifi died because even the City of Moscow (which
> provides wifi in public parks, awesome) disn't want to enforce it. I
> wonder if this will die similarly.

Russian business is heavily VPN/proxy-dependent not more than US business
in US. Or Indian business in India.

We have many very stupid legislators. From time to time, such idiotic
proposals received. But it must be said that parlamient in Russia avoids
enact "technical" laws, because historicaly they have almost always 

We also have a negative experience with blocking Internet resources. 
People are very skeptical (and sarcastic) about the explanations of 
these blocks (PD, terrorism etc). Blocks cause irritation to people when
they do not see their true causes.

So no, I do not think that such initiatives will take place in the next 
few years.
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