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Re: [tor-talk] Russia to ban Tor (?)

ÐÑÑÑÑ ÐÑÑÐÐÐÐ <art.istom@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Russian business is heavily VPN/proxy-dependent not more than US business
> in US. Or Indian business in India.

Fair enough; the ÐÐÐ article cited 25 percent of Russian Internet
users as being VPN/proxy users and also mentioned the reliance of
particular sectors like ATMs on proxied connections. It's hard to know
what such a data point means without comparison to other countries,

> We also have a negative experience with blocking Internet resources.
> People are very skeptical (and sarcastic) about the explanations of
> these blocks (PD, terrorism etc). Blocks cause irritation to people when
> they do not see their true causes.

> So no, I do not think that such initiatives will take place in the next
> few years.

I hope, and suspect, that you're correct, especially if this has been
debated every year since 2012 with no result.

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