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Re: [tor-talk] How to make TBB useable as "system Tor", as Tor, Vidalia, pluggable transports system level replacement?

"Patrick Schleizer" wrote:
To rephrase this proposal in an alternative way... At the moment, when
you download the TBB package, your only chance to use
tor-launcher/Tor/pluggable transports is to also start Tor Browser. No
way to do that without starting Tor Browser. What is being suggested
here, is an option to just start tor-launcher/Tor/pluggable transports
without starting Tor Browser. Then tor-launcher/Tor/pluggable
could be used for the usual applications that can be torified. And
the user wants to start Tor Browser, it would just connect to the
already running tor-launcher/Tor/pluggable transports (if not already

Okay, that's clearer. So you're proposing to provide a launcher that
makes loading Tor Browser optional? That can already be done manually
as I'm sure you're aware. Download the TBB bundle then delete the
tor-launcher extension. Now you can start the tor process via symlink
or simple script. Then you can start/close/relaunch Tor Browser via a
simple script on a whim while keeping the Tor process completely

1. After extracting TBB, navigate to the folder
/Browser/TorBrowser/Data/Browser/profile.default/extensions and delete
the tor-launcher xpi (:().
2. Create your script to launch the tor process with your chosen
options from Tor's documentation. Use this with your preferred
method/shell to launch tor's process automatically or manually.
3. Create another script to launch Tor Browser. Here you need to make
sure you export LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the location of libstdc++.so.6
included with TBB. After extraction this would be
/Browser/TorBrowser/Tor/ -- and relative to root. Then in the same
script execute the firefox binary including the options --class and
-profile. The -profile option is relative to launch. An example would
be ./Browser/firefox --class "Tor Browser" -profile
/Browser/TorBrowser/Data/Browser/profile.default . Now you can use
your preferred method/shell to launch Tor Browser whenever needed.
Loading Tor Browser will be completely separate from the Tor process
and closing Tor Browser won't terminate the active Tor process.
Neither will it load the Tor process automatically (:().
4. Load Tor Browser for the first time. You'll get an error about not
being properly configured. Click on the Tor Button icon and select
Preferences. Change Proxy Setting to Use custom proxy settings. Make
sure SOCKS Host has the address of your Tor process (default
localhost) and that the value for Port matches whatever is specified
in your custom torrc or torrc-default. If you now type about:tor into
the address or reload Tor Browser you should get Congratulations.
These settings will persist on every launch of Tor Browser until you
replace the install.
5. Reuse scripts for any install of TBB having the same directory

That should be it. Should be a solution until further consideration of
your proposal yields a better result for you.

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