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Re: [tor-talk] How to make TBB useable as "system Tor", as Tor, Vidalia, pluggable transports system level replacement?

> "Patrick Schleizer" wrote:
> To rephrase this proposal in an alternative way... At the moment, when
> you download the TBB package, your only chance to use
> tor-launcher/Tor/pluggable transports is to also start Tor Browser. No
> way to do that without starting Tor Browser. What is being suggested
> here, is an option to just start tor-launcher/Tor/pluggable transports
> without starting Tor Browser. Then tor-launcher/Tor/pluggable
> transports
> could be used for the usual applications that can be torified. And
> when
> the user wants to start Tor Browser, it would just connect to the
> already running tor-launcher/Tor/pluggable transports (if not already
> running).
> Okay, that's clearer. So you're proposing to provide a launcher that
> makes loading Tor Browser optional?


> That can already be done manually
>  as I'm sure you're aware. Download the TBB bundle then delete the
> tor-launcher extension. Now you can start the tor process via symlink
> or simple script. Then you can start/close/relaunch Tor Browser via a
> simple script on a whim while keeping the Tor process completely
> separate.
> 1. After extracting TBB, navigate to the folder
> /Browser/TorBrowser/Data/Browser/profile.default/extensions and delete
> the tor-launcher xpi (:().

Being able to use the tor-launcher graphical user interface is what this
proposal is for.

By asking on this list, we were hoping for advice on where/how in
tor-launcher's source code one could best make these modifications to
reach this goal. I should have probably posted this on on tbb-dev rather
than tor-talk.

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