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Re: [tor-talk] How to make TBB useable as "system Tor", as Tor, Vidalia, pluggable transports system level replacement?

"Patrick Schleizer" wrote:
>Being able to use the tor-launcher graphical user 
>interface is what this proposal is for.

You still can. Tor launcher is an extension for firefox. It's not the
same as Vidalia. You would still need to launch the tor process
separately for system use. You could use Tor Browser + tor-launcher to
configure torrc for you but that's it. You can continue to use
tor-launcher within Tor Browser. The tor-launcher extension cannot
launch a tor process then exit while keeping tor in memory for you.
Unloading the browser unloads the extension and the tor process.

On the other hand you could use Vidalia to control the system tor
process. Then make the extension changes previously mentioned to
continue using tor-launcher with TBB. You would need to be careful
with the control port password configuration. i.e. making sure it
matches between torrc and TBB launcher script. Yes, I know Vidalia
isn't supported by Tor Project anymore and it's full of bugs. You
could still use the improved new identity in TBB and be able to use
Vidalia. You wouldn't gain anything over configuration of torrc
manually and you could just as easily do with Vidalia and connect to
the control port for issuing NEWNYM.

If you're proposing tor-launcher replace Vidalia in controlling a
system tor process--it's not possible for an extension to fill that

>By asking on this list, we were hoping for advice on 
>where/how in tor-launcher's source code one could 
>best make these modifications to reach this goal. I 
>should have probably posted this on on tbb-dev 
>rather than tor-talk.

Graphical control of a system tor process isn't TBB related. tbb-dev
would be concerned with how to get Vidalia like features into a
running TBB process. To my knowledge they're already working on that.
This isn't what you're asking for though. You're just as well off
posting here to tor-talk. You might convince someone to fix the bugs
in Vidalia or to write a new Vidalia inspired gui ;)

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