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Re: [tor-talk] Confidant Mail

On 2/4/15, Mike Ingle <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 2/3/2015 10:31 AM, Kevin wrote:
>> On 2/3/2015 12:33 PM, krishna e bera wrote:
>>> On 15-02-02 09:57 PM, Mike Ingle wrote:
>>>> http://www.confidantmail.org
>>>> Mike Ingle <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>>> d2b89e6f95e72e26e0c917d02d1847dfecfcd0c2
>>> I am curious why someone delivering security and privacy software does
>>> not have HTTPS on their webserver.  Also what is that string after your
>>> email address for?
>> That string looks like a key
> That string is indeed a key. The format is Name <email> keyid
> and you can search for either the name or the keyid to find someone's
> key. If you search for the keyid
> you know you have the right key. If you search for the name, you have to
> verify the keyid somehow.

If this is a 'general protocol' type of thing (email), is there any
sense in having say a key prefix or namespace of some sort, so that
"confindant mail" keys aren't mixed up with "tox" keys etc?
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