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[tor-talk] When you forget to pay your Internet Bill,

I am a loyal user of the Internet Time Warner Cable and I forgot to pay my
bill. Keep in mind that I've had Time Warner Cable for almost a year now
and I've never forgot to pay my bill. This morning I was accessing the
Internet fine without any issues. I also was using BitTorrent (not over
Tor, to download Linux Mint) and everything worked fine, literally I was
getting the speed of 5MBPS over BitTorrent. At 8AM (my download completed)
my Internet Stopped working. I had just finished installing Linux Mint. I
then went to my Xbox and it connected and still connects to Xbox Live and
Netflix fine. So I open Firefox to see if the Internet was working and I
got a message saying I needed to pay my bill to resume my normal Internet
activities. Currently I'm waiting for my check from work. I then thought
the following "Wait Netflix on Xbox works fine" and then I pinged an IP
Address (Google's DNS Server and it worked fine. So then I
thought Time Warner Cable must be using some HTTP Filtering Technology. So
I downloaded Tor Browser using my Android Device and I transfered it to my
computer. I then set it up to use obfs3 and I was then able to connect to
the Internet fine. I will be paying my bill soon but it shows how Powerful
the Tor Network Is.

What do you think?

I think it shows Tor Browser can resist even the strongest forms of
censorship. Like it bypassed an ISP Block.

Obviously I'm going to pay my bill. Probably sometime on Monday Morning.

Anyways Tor Browser was very useful to me.

I just wanted to thank everyone in the Tor Community for developing such a
great product.

I'm not writing this to say Screw Your Provider and Never Pay A Bill Again
but rather I'm thanking the Tor Community for developing such a powerful
censorship solution. I also am very loyal to my provider and I will
obviously will be paying them tomorrow morning.

Any thoughts?

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