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Re: [tor-talk] When you forget to pay your Internet Bill,

On Sun, Feb 08, 2015 at 03:42:52PM -0000, ATorUser@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Anyways Tor Browser was very useful to me.
> I just wanted to thank everyone in the Tor Community for developing such a
> great product.
> I'm not writing this to say Screw Your Provider and Never Pay A Bill Again
> but rather I'm thanking the Tor Community for developing such a powerful
> censorship solution. I also am very loyal to my provider and I will
> obviously will be paying them tomorrow morning.

Reminds me of how for years the Nigerian mobile provider MTN would give
you free Internet (data) when you were using Tor, because you bypassed
their captive portal screen.

When they finally fixed it, we got a flood of support requests asking us
to fix our "free Internet workaround tool".

(Yes, Tor is for many things, and diversity of uses is part of why it's
strong. But no, if your adversary is your local ISP who is willing to
unplug you from the Internet, Tor isn't going to be your silver bullet.)


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