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Re: [tor-talk] Whois servers rejecting Tor users.

I used a Torified command-line whois.
On 02/14/2015 04:08 PM, W. Greenhouse wrote:
> Justaguy <justaguy@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> I spotted this today.
>> % Sorry, access from your host has been permanently
>> % denied because of a repeated excessive querying.
>> % For more information, see
>> %
>> http://www.ripe.net/data-tools/db/faq/faq-db/why-did-you-receive-the-error-201-access-denied
>> I tested on some other relays, they are also blocked.
> Did you try by using the web whois tool provided at https://www.ripe.net/,
> or did you use a Torified command-line whois? I can reproduce the 201 error
> on the former, but the latter worked after two tries (first try told me that
> I had exceeded the rate limit and had to wait 85 more seconds).
> whois servers are notorious for having very tight rate limiting on requests;
> maybe the RIPE web app is even more limiting.
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